Phuket Properties Report

Phuket Property ReportThe Phuket Property Report, the latest half yearly subscription report by CBRE Research Services Thailand, is an initiative designed to bring professional analysis and transparency to the growing Phuket property market which can, for the right projects, generate some of the highest returns in Thailand but which has also been shrouded in mystery, especially in terms of sales velocity and volumes. The report provides detailed information and analysis from CBRE’s comprehensive and unrivaled Phuket and overall Thailand databases, combined with our own exhaustive market and property surveys, along with the latest and most reliable secondary data from governmental agencies and private operators.

The Phuket Property Report has been created to fill a pressing need in the Phuket property sector as it becomes increasingly sophisticated and complex. CBRE has been a pioneer in the Phuket property market, starting from development and agency projects in the early 1990s to the establishment of our own permanent Phuket agency and property management office in the early 2000s.
Further reinforcing the reliability and value of the Phuket Property Report is the market understanding and expert opinion drawn from over 25 years of CBRE's full-scale operations in Thailand. This unique report, unmatched in its depth, detail and accuracy, is designed for a wide audience, including:
  • Property developers & operators
  • Financial institutions
  • Construction companies
  • Property & equity analysts
  • Property funds
  • Equity partners
  • Investors
  • Surveyors
  • Business consultants
  • Media
  • Academic institutions
  • Home owners

The Phuket Property Report


The Phuket Property Report consists of seven sections: 
  1. Economic Overview: Overview of prevailing economic conditions in Thailand and Phuket, including factors affecting the property market.
  2. Tourism Overview: Detailed study of tourism in Phuket, based on comprehensive statistical evidence.
  3. Infrastructure Overview: Overview of existing and planned infrastructural developments in Phuket. Includes discussion on Phuket's international airport, road network, current and future marina developments, golf courses, major hospitals and international schools.
  4. Land Transactions and Regulations: Overview of key land transactional data, including land allocations and major transactions, along with regulations regarding EIA approval, foreign ownership and foreign investment.
  5. Villa Market Sector: Details of current and forecasted supply by grade, location and branding, along with demand/sales at projects being marketed, pricing, units transferred and enquiries received by CBRE offices about properties. (Phuket Villa Research)
  6. Freehold and Leasehold Condominium Market Sector: Details of current and forecasted supply by grade, location, branding and unit type, along with demand/sales at projects being marketed, pricing, units transferred and enquiries received by CBRE offices about properties.(Phuket Apartment, Condo Research)
  7. Hotel Market Sector: Overview of total hotel stock in Phuket, accompanied by detailed analysis of demand (including ADR, occupancy and RevPAR) at luxury, first-class and mid-range hotels, along with discussion of future supply and completion dates.  Includes sales of residential properties integrated with hotels.
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