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CBRE specializes in advising companies on the lease and rental of warehouses, factories and other industrial units and land in and around Bangkok, on the Eastern Seaboard, as well as other industrial regions in Thailand.

Two factors are critical when selecting a warehouse, factory or industrial unit:

  • Choice of location
  • Investment incentives


There are three choices of locations to establish a factory or construct an industrial unit:

  • Industrial Estates
  • Industrial Parks/Zones
  • Green Field Sites

1. Industrial Estates
An industrial estate has a specific definition in Thailand. Industrial estates are Serviced Industrial Land Plots (SILP), which are developed or managed by, or in joint venture with, the Industrial Estate Authority of Thailand (IEAT), a government organization.

2. Industrial Parks / Zones
Industrial parks are Serviced Industrial Land Plots developed without the IEAT, meaning they are privately owned, developed, marketed and managed. Since they are not linked to the IEAT, industrial investors cannot be granted privileges from the IEAT.

3. Green Field Sites
It is possible for a majority foreign-owned company to purchase a green field site, but only if they have Board of Investment (BOI) privileges.

4. Warehouses and Distribution Centres
There are only a limited number of modern warehouses and distribution centres available for sale and rent. The most common type of warehouse is a stand-alone single storey building, usually located outside an industrial estate or park.

5. Ready Built Factories (RBF)
There are several developers who are building factories for rent. Rental factories are now available on many industrial estates and parks. The sizes range between 1,000 sq.m and 3,000 sq.m.


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